since 1973 night and day sky have been my inspiration in photography. These pages show sample images of more than 100 000 entries in my archives. All pictures are © Pekka Parviainen. For ordering stills or video footage or to see more samples, please see instructions .

LUX BOREALIS was established to get space for more images and to split Polar Image into two parts. Polar Image remains astronomy and atmospheric phenomena oriented while Lux Borealis shows more casual photography.

Both domains will share same menus and a couple of pages but no images. Entries in the upper half of the menu switch to POLAR IMAGE, while the lower half keeps you in LUX BOREALIS.

For a more global view of night sky wonders, drop in The World At Night, TWAN site.

Message 2013-08-01: No, this site is NOT DEAD, but I've been in the middle of a major slide scan to save slides on hard disks. More than 1TB is now secured and perhaps some 0.5TB is to come before posting starts. Equally, material from digital cameras is waiting for posting. There will be some 6 000 new images from cameras. Material from slides will be expanded after they have been rescanned (now more professionally); also newly posted images will have larger size.


Message 2011-05-16: A HUGE collection of new digital images was posted in POLAR IMAGE (more than 2000 new images). Much of the material is related to atmospheric optics but also moon related material, some comets and cloud phenomena were included. Also main menu itself was revised. A great many new subpages were created to give a more refined division of different phenomena. There is no point to list new images here but rather check new posts from RECENT IMAGES.
Message 2011-02-14: A new batch of travel pictures was posted. I had an opporturnity to visit Cape Kennedy during STS-126 lift off. Spare days were spent - once again - visiting NM-AZ-UT. Can't help loving colors and formations of those rocks!
Message 2011-02-12: Some time was consumed in trying to remove haze from pictures taken during USA-2007 travelling.
Message 2010-11-30: A new category was established: adhesion chaos on water surface. It is macro photography of how water rises a little bit along plants and rocks and how it forms uneven surfaces and creates a wonderful chaos of colours and textures. About 850 new pictures posted.
Message 2010-11-25: Several hundreds (~800) new pictures have been added into plus older pictures moved in LUX BOREALIS.
Earlier miscellaneous insects were among plant macros, but now they have been moved into bug pages. Some new pictures (~60) are included starting from subpage 5. Old scans of butterflies and dragonflies have been moved into this category. They will be re-scanned one day, but sure this is not a high priority task!
Ice flowers were posted for quite some time ago and new material is to come one day. A new category of ice macro has been started showing the beauty and the great variability of clear ice in different illuminations. The new stuff (~520) begins on sub page 13.
A new category of winter, snow and ice has been started. The first half of this category has been moved here from former plant macros and the new stuff (~225) begins on subpage 14.

Message 2010-10-07: Plant macro pages have got a major update. 400 images were removed, another 400 were removed and will be posted later in new categories 'Ice' and 'Winter', and finally 400 new plant macros were added starting from sub page #84.
Message 2010-10-04: A 200 image update of mirages has been posted. The whole mirage section. was split into 20 sub pages and simultaneously three new categories were added. A few inferior mirages of islands were added plus a great number of solar disks mangled by inferior mirage. Two sub pages of superior mirages of good visibility were added. A few mirages with a boat in scenery were added as well as a few images where boat itself is distorted. Older sub page of miscallenous mirage was split into four new categories: clouds miraging, mirage in land horizon, buildings et c. miraging, and a revised miscellaneous mirages category lost a lot but also came to have some new and interesting material.
Message 2010-05-01: A few more compositions of solar distortions were posted in POLAR IMAGE. There images from subpage 5 to page 7 have the 24 new composites.
Message 2010-04-08: A large update of solar distortions was posted in Polar Image. A great many visually interesting compositions are shown revealing something of the behaviour of our atmosphere at sunset or sunrise.
Message 2009-10-26: Noctilucent clouds of 2009 have been posted (in POLAR IMAGE). This update completes noctilucent cloud posting; pages are up-to-date. Sure, only part of all 8500 NLC-images are shown there, but on the other hand missing images would not add too much to current pages.

I feel pity that at the moment I can't afford more web-space. There would be a lot of NLC-time-lapse videos for posting. Also other video material would be ready, but due to short of money the remaining space in my two domains will be reserved for more stills. A crude estimate is that about half of the intended images is now shown (now 14 000+ images). Large categories that are not shown are cumulus clouds, cirrus clouds, boring ordinary clouds, astrophotography, mixture of atmospheric and optical phenomena, several hundreds of travel pictures, a few thousand macros, and also a number of large updates, f.ex. halos and iridescence.
Message 2009-10-05: In POLAR IMAGE noctilucent clouds of 2005, 2006 and 2007-2008 have been posted. Thumbnail pages are quite large due to number of images.
Message 2009-07-11: In POLAR IMAGE noctilucent clouds of 2000-2001, 2002-2003 and 2004 have been rescanned and new images added. Also a short table of 30 years observing was posted. Years 2005-2008 are about to appear soon; at least all material has been scanned!
Message 2009-05-20: Noctilucent clouds of 1991-1996 and 1997-1999 have been rescanned and new images added. These images in POLAR IMAGE.
Message 2009-05-13: All the huge NLC-archive has been rescanned and samples of displays are posted replacing the old stuff. All this in POLAR IMAGE. Firstly a few rocket exhausts are posted anew with an addition of the STS-126 shuttle launch. Of the NLCs here are periods 1977-1985 and 1986-1990 posted anew. More will follow after I have prepared news scans for posting (including all years up to 2008).
Message 2009-05-12: A complete new scan of rainbows was posted. Total of five pages of thumbnails show a lot of new images. (This in Polar Image.)
Message 2008-08-20: A 'controversial' update in Lux Borealis: 220 images of alpacas! These funny and relaxed looking camelians are just too inspiring to be neglected after having had an opporturnity to follow their life.

Message 2008-07-12: A major update in Lux Borealis: about 1800 new macro images were added. What is new here is a great number of images of ice sceneries and of ice in general.

In Polar Image a major update is also finished in category mirages. All old images were re-scanned, a great many new were added and what is also quite important: tens of composite images were compiled to show how differently mirages can distort some particular object. Total of 450 images were posted.

Message 2007-11-30: Major split into two domains was finished. Here in Lux Borealis a new category of Tourist snapshots was added. In Polar Image a large quality scan of auroras 1980-2002 was posted. (Quality scan for years 2003-2007 was posted a year ago.)
There are some linking problems between the two domains, but they will be soon solved. When you find broken links or missing images, feel free to notice. Thanks!
Next update will be mirages and winter macro photographs.

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